An entrepreneur is inspired by his project and led by his strong ambition.
He’s enthusiastic, loves challenges – he wants action!
He’s responsible for his company, its management and organisation.

To run a company is to be responsible:

  • For its development
  • For running it
  • It’s to be responsible for your choices, actions, decisions, and strategies put forward to your co-workers. If you don’t try…you can’t go wrong, but then again if you don’t try, you don’t get anywhere!

It’s to be creative and daring:

  • Anticipate the future
  • Take action!
  • It’s to risk failure
  • It’s to suggest innovative solutions and be able to question yourself and your ideas when they don’t work.

To inspire, accompany, guide, and unite your team; enabling everyone to move forward in the same direction.

All these factors require the business leader to remain cool under pressure, to be clear-headed, to be able to take action, to manage their emotions, and to be flexible.

But there are times when it’s more difficult to be a good leader:

  • Overwork
  • Fatigue
  • Stress
  • Doubt
  • Loss of visibility
  • Detrimental consequences on your family or personal life.

Having the support of a coach through these difficult times enables you:

  • To take stock of the situation
  • To have a new perspective on the facts (prompted by the coach)
  • To make a list of the priorities
  • To address your own needs as well as those of the company
  • Not to feel alone when faced with adversity
  • To put in place a coherent, effective and meaningful strategy all the while respecting your own unique values
  • Step by step, to take action!

Pick yourself up, save energy, regain confidence in yourself and the future, and move forward.

I can also work with your colleagues and co-workers:

  • In their assumption of duties
  • To take up new responsabilities
  • To develop their leadership skills in order to better manage their team
  • With their time management and organisation
  • To be more efficient