Coaching is a fast and effective
confrontation with oneself!

It’s defining an objective, be it personal or professional, finding solutions to reach that goal and taking action.

Life coaching uses the same tools and adapts the main processes of personal coaching, but with a more humanistic approach. Focusing on personal development, life coaching actively contributes to self-fulfilment.

The coaching consists of one-to-one conversations which are specially structured to allow you to develop your potential; by defining what you want, overcoming all obstacles which might be holding you back, levering your strengths and skills, and most importantly – by taking action.

I support my clients throughout the process, encouraging action and enabling them to reveal their potential.

I’m a kind of « personal motivator »

Your objective can be to focus on one or several aspects of your life: your body, your home, your money, your job, your relationships, your personal life, your communication skills…

Whatever you choose to focus on, my transformational coaching will help you to get where you want to be. Through powerful questioning, you’ll be able to unearth solutions and take action to reach the goals which you set for yourself.